Last Call

A 15-Minute Opera With No Horned Helmets (And No Bellowing Fat Ladies, Either!)

“Last Call” is a 15-minute “opera” (only in the sense that it’s all sung) about 3 lost souls haunted by a past they’re unwilling to let go of. Each tries to numb their pain with alcohol as they sit in a bar awaiting their train to take them home. But there’s something not quite right about this bar… and is this train station more than it appears to be?

Musically, the show is influenced by musical theater, film music, popular music, and the classical tradition to create a somewhat dark and twisted, yet approachable score. I promise there are no horned helmets nor bellowing fat ladies!

Coming soon. (In the process of writing, I came up with more music than I needed! I’m therefore in the process of choosing what to cut in order to pare the show down to 15 minutes.)