Film, TV, & Video Credits

Original Music Score for…

Completed Projects:

Malice (2011), a coming-of-age short about a 12-year-old girl who aspires to be a super-villain. Scored for live brass with electronic strings, synths, and drums.

Seminarista (2011), a short crisis-of-faith drama. Scored for live piano, cello, viola, & clarinet, with sampled strings for harmonic and textural support.

Swordsman (2011), a short period drama set in medieval Japan. Scored for live shakuhachi, shinobue, and koto, with sampled taiko & string orchestra.

LoveStruck (2011), a comedy short. Scored for live violin, guitars, bass, & drums with sampled orchestra.

Stock Issues (2000), a student comedy short. Written for 13-piece live Chamber Orchestra.

Ozarks Voices (2000), a PBS documentary on the history of Springfield, MO. Written for 12-piece live Chamber Wind Ensemble. Broadcast on local public television in Springfield, MO.