Set To Score “Automaton” – A Sci-Fi Short Directed by David Quakenbush

by J. Aaron Stanley on August 15, 2011

I will be scoring a fantastic short (30-minute) sci-fi thriller called “Automaton” this fall. (Facebook page.)

Here’s the premise: Far in the future, there are few humans left and automatons populate the one city, which covers the entire globe. Out of loneliness and a desire for human contact, Gary upgrades his housekeeping automaton to be more “suitable” company at home. She is programmed with one key objective: to make Gary happy. But when Gary’s happiness begins revolving around Margaret, perhaps the last remaining real woman alive, what’s an automaton to do?


Gonna have fun with this one!

I saw a rough cut last week, and I’m very excited. The film’s slow but relentless pace reminds me of classic Hitchcock thrillers such as Vertigo and Rear Window. There is plenty of opportunity for the music to set the tone and heighten the sense of anticipation and suspense.

Here’s a case of an amazing premise, a fantastic script, a great cast, and a talented crew coming together to create something that’s going to look (and sound!) like a much more expensive film than it really is.

This one deserves to be made into a feature film. (And when it is, I better be the one to score it!)

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